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Hidden maintenance costs to be aware of before buying a hot tub


Hidden maintenance costs to be aware of before buying a hot tub

Make sure you do not get hit by an unexpected spike in bills

With summer well and truly underway, many people up and down the country will try to make the most of their outdoor spaces.

From big gatherings for a barbecue to afternoon tea with the ‘in-laws’, spending time in the garden is an ideal way of enjoying the sun, before the weather turns for the worst.

One feature many people may decide to add to their garden, or outdoor space, is a personal hot tub.

Sitting in a bubbly bath of hot water is an ideal way to relax after a long and stressful week.

However, with the cost-of-living increasing, people will be constantly thinking about their energy consumption and ways to keep spending down.

So, make sure you take into consideration the additional costs that owning and running a hot tub can cause before splashing out on the purchase and ensure it is viable for you.

Despite the price of hot tubs coming down in recent years to ensure they are affordable for more people, the initial cost of purchasing one is a spend that should be considered.

Even after you have your new tub set up in the garden ready to go, remember the money spend does not stop there.

A hot tub uses electricity to heat the water and get the bubbles flowing, and with energy rates increasing, keep this usage in mind when trying to cut down your monthly spend.

While energy usage will, of course, depend on the model of hot tub you get, most can cost up to £1.30 a day to power.

Remember when the weather turns colder, it will also take more energy to heat the water, therefore increasing the cost.

Looking after your hot tub and keeping it clean also costs money.

Particular chemicals, exact details can be provided by the firm behind your choice, need to be added to the water to take care of the whole system and avoid any long-term issues.

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